Visiting Student Program at KFUPM

KFUPM invites distinguished students from local or international universities to join the Visiting Student Program at KFUPM. The program’s duration is one regular semester or one summer semester, during which the participant can register for courses relative to his major as a regular student at KFUPM.

Applicant's eligibility requirements:
• Saudi nationality or Saudi mother.
• Undergraduate student currently enrolled in a local or international university.
• Cumulative GPA in technical subject of 4/4, or equivalent in other scales.
• 75 in STEP or equivalent in TOEFL(60)/IELTS(5.5) .
• Completed the freshman year at his/her current university.
• A permission letter from the student’s university.

• Waiver of the semester tuition
• Monthly stipend
• Discounted on-campus accommodation in student dorms
• Course textbooks provided on loan basis.
• Subsidized on-campus dining.